‘Glasgow STEAMS Ahead’ – 2019 science festival programme launched

20 May 2019

Scientists of the future. Photograph: Glasgow Science Festival

Science festival returns for its thirteenth year

Glasgow will host a series of science-themed events for families, schools and adults next month as part of the Glasgow Science Festival.

The festival runs from 6-16 June and will take place in a number of university campuses, pubs, museums, galleries and community centres throughout the city.

Science enthusiasts will have a chance to meet experts, researchers, and innovators during the 10 days of the festival. This year’s theme is “Glasgow STEAMS Ahead”, a nod to steam-engine innovator James Watt, who kick-started the industrial revolution 200 years ago. STEAMS refers to the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Social Science research that shapes Glasgow city.

Dr Sharon Macnab, the science partnerships manager at the Glasgow Science Centre encouraged parents to attend these activities with their children as it is a great way to get them interested and excited about all things science.

 She said: ‘We have hands on activities for children to experience science for themselves, as we are all about you discovering science for yourself. We have a number of great science communicators who take the children through a number of experiments to get them excited about it.’

Parent and child engaged in the demonstration. Photograph: Glasgow Science Festival

In a press release from the Glasgow Science Festival, science minister Richard Lochhead said: “Glasgow has been at the cutting edge of many areas of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) for hundreds of years – as evidenced with the connection to James Watt as the theme for this year’s festival. The festival’s accessible programme supports the ambitions of our STEM Education and Training Strategy and demonstrates that everyone is encouraged to and has the opportunity to develop their STEM skills and knowledge and apply them to their lives.”

The Glasgow Science Festival’s 2019 programme which was released early in April, includes a number of activities the most notable ones being:

  • The “Ingenious Circus” on 7 and 15 June, supported by the Royal Academy of Engineering, where you will have the chance to watch performers from circus school Aerial Edge demonstrate the engineering principles that underpin acrobatics.


  • On 7 June, a live recording of the “Sci-Curious Podcast” will invite audiences to “get to know the queer side of science” with a lively panel discussion which will feature LGBT scientists from universities in Glasgow and voices from the local LGBT community, and the Institute of Physics Scotland.


  • On 11 June, “Modern Medicine and Death: An Unhealthy Relationship?” will see doctors, palliative care experts and journalists, discuss society and modern medicine’s murky relationship with death, at the Kelvin Hall.


  • For those who prefer a night out in the pub, there will be an academic comedy night “Bright Club” on 10 June or you can test your virus knowledge at “Outbreak: The Pub Quiz” on 11 June.


  • Among the events taking place at the Glasgow Science Centre are “Curiosity Live” (12-16 June), celebrating research and innovation in the city; and on 16 June from 9-11am, the centre will offer “Autism Friendly Hours”, all the same fun but with much less hustle and bustle on a Sunday morning.

 Dr Deborah McNeill, the festival director, said: “2019 marks 13 years of inspiring science events in the city. To celebrate, we’re delighted to present another diverse programme to spark your curiosity and get you excited about science.This year we’re delighted to bring the festival to new places including the Govan Stones and Trongate 103.”

Young scientist examining the results. Photograph: Glasgow Science Festival

For the full programme and to book tickets, you can visit: http://www.glasgowsciencefestival.org.uk. To find out what events you can take part in during the 10 days of the festival, you can follow them on Twitter @GlasgowSciFest.

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