Glasgow unveils plans to become the UK’s first carbon-neutral city

19 May 2019

Infographic: Qian Zhao

Greenhouse emissions to be down to nothing for 2045.

Glasgow City Council has pledged to make Glasgow the UK’s first carbon neutral city.

They are aiming to achieve this goal before 2045.

As part of their bid to reduce greenhouse emissions, ScottishPower and the Glasgow City Council have announced that they will be facilitating methods of eco-friendly travel through a mass charging point scheme for electric vehicles, as well as increasing investments in the city’s electricity grid.

Callum, an environmental activist in attendance at a fundraising event held by Extinction Rebellion, said: “It’s a great relief to see steps like this being taken by our cities, especially in such a bold way. I’m glad it’s Scotland that’s taking a stand first.”

Alongside Glasgow, Scotland’s capital city Edinburgh has also unveiled plans to achieve reduced greenhouse emissions and the title of the UK’s first ‘net zero’ city.  Notably, Edinburgh has announced a target year of 2030.

Edinburgh City Council Leader Adam McVey said: “What a fantastic position to be in that cities in Scotland are competing with each other to see which can do the most to protect our environment.

“I congratulate Glasgow on their ambition in this space. Edinburgh will be working to a target of 2030 to be a zero-carbon capital city, and I know we can achieve this.”

McVey spoke also of the challenges found in updating Edinburgh’s infrastructure on account of its iconic old town and hilly topography.

He said:“There are additional challenges of moving to a zero-carbon city with our city centre consisting of an old town and new world heritage site, but these are not excuses for inaction.

“There are ways to meet our environmental responsibilities and stay loyal to the conservation of our built heritage, and that’s exactly how we’ll move forward.”

For more information on progress towards each city’s decarbonization goals, you can remain updated either on their respective council websites or on Twitter, at @GlasgowCC and @Edinburgh_CC.

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