GSA fashion show: the culmination of over 400 hours of work

14 March 2019

Students work showcased to the public

The Glasgow School of Art welcomed guests to its second and third-year students’ graduation show on 12-13 March. Participants from the fashion and textiles courses at the institution introduced their collections to family, friends and the public interested in fashion and art.

The art school organised three shows for each day to give the public a chance to attend and see the young talent of the Scottish fashion scene. The showcase attracted large crowds, selling out each of the 7pm and 9pm shows.

Photograph: Dora Pongracz

The show opened with a short video of students hand-making their collections and creating the venue’s design including its unique mirror decorations.

Second-year fashion students’ projects were built around the “modest white shirt” with contrasting garments to be shown on the runway but not necessarily worn.

After the opening, third-year fashion and textile students introduced their collections. Each student had a collection of three pieces in embroidery, print, weave, knit or fashion that they had worked on since November.

Jonny MacKinnon, third-year fashion and textile student from Glasgow said: “I came in about ten o’clock and stayed until five or six. [I’d] say I worked eight hours a day for ten weeks.”

Photograph: Dora Pongracz

Marta Luna Angelini, from Milan, is an exchange student who started her collection at the end of January, about two months after everyone else. Angelini said: “This was my first year of doing knit. We didn’t have much time, I arrived later than others. I started my project two months after everyone and I had to do three outfits in a month by hand and machine. I was working from nine in the morning until ten at night and even during the weekend.”

The Glasgow School of Art annual graduation fashion shows are held twice a year and open to anyone with an interest in young designer talent and the future of fashion in Scotland.

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