Homelessness protesters remain steadfast in George Square

18 April 2019

Photograph: Renée Bleau

Homelessness protesters say they are going nowhere

Jason Miller, 27, is continuing to protest against homelessness in George Square, along with around 10 other protesters.

Miller set up the camp six weeks ago in George Square, in the city centre of Glasgow.  The camp is located outside Glasgow City Chambers, to campaign for change in Glasgow City Council’s homeless housing initiatives.

He himself is not homeless. He is, however, camping out in solidarity with homeless individuals.  

Speaking to The Glasgow Sloth, he said: “I hope to get out of this in the end, for every homeless person across Scotland, and across the UK to be accommodated.”

Video: Renée Bleau

Members of the public have shown support by stopping to take an interest in the camp.

Mandy Sweeney, 44, a former campaigner for the West Dunbartonshire homeless action group, joined the protesters for a short while. She stood with them to show solidarity with their cause.

She said: “There are many, many houses lying empty, but the council will not spend the money to get the repairs done.

“So, the system is not working, if the country is like this in 2019.

“If people don’t have an address, they legally cannot vote, and so they don’t have a voice to change the system that is badly letting them down.”

Another passerby, who did not want to be named but wished to voice his opinion, said: “The problem really needs to be addressed. These people would not be here staying in this camp, if being homeless was not a big issue.”

Newspaper cutting from The Evening Times (“Glasgow Yellow Vests group join campaign”) taped on a lamp-post beside Homelessness Campaign camp. Photograph: Renée Bleau

Newspaper cutting from The Evening Times (“City chiefs urged to back £4.5m homeless accommodation plan”) taped on a lamp-post beside Homelessness Campaign camp. Photograph: Renée Bleau.

A spokeswoman for Glasgow City Council said: “All the homeless people in the camp have been provided with accommodation and are being given a complex needs assessment as promised in court last week.

“The one original protestor who remains is not homeless. We have been informed that he has now been joined by so-called Gilets Jaune.

“We’re currently monitoring the situation.”

Previously reported in Glasgow LiveJason Miller, indicated he hoped his campaign would be successful and anticipated that up to 100 people would finally join.

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