‘It’s a one-hit wonder’: fashion at Riverside Festival

3 June 2019

Photograph: Taylor Robertson

What were people wearing at Glasgow’s premier dance weekend

Festival season has well and truly arrived in Glasgow. Last weekend, we welcomed it in style, with a weekend of techno and electronic music, courtesy of Electric Frog and Pressure Riverside Festival.

On top of tickets and tents, festival season usually means a whole new wardrobe too, especially since social media has made space for influencers who aim to make sure you bring the perfect festival style clothes-wise, along with a good mood. The ethical and environmental consequences, however, are rarely considered when shopping for the latest trends and occasionwear. Most outfits we spotted were purchased from well-known online stores and fast fashion brands, but people still managed to create the most unique and outstanding outfits, setting the bar high for summer events to come.

There wasn’t a boring outfit to be seen at Riverside Festival, as girls and guys all went the extra mile with their outfits. Neither rain nor wind stopped festival-goers from wearing tight denim shorts, crazy shirts and bondage ensembles. The occasional appearance of the sun not only made the dancing crowd happier and louder, but also a little less cold.

Staple styles such as neon, crochet, bondage and fishnet in every form are big festival favourites this year, having been spotted regularly at previous music festivals around the world. So, when I attended this event, I went with an open mind, in search of everything from the most popular, brightest neon clothes to the most unusual festival outfits.

Photograph: Taylor Robertson

One of my favourites is definitely this tracksuit, because it looked like a good choice weather-wise for the festival weekend. Plus, the colours make it so unique, it is difficult not to notice it.

Photograph: Taylor Robertson

I absolutely loved the orange hues on this lady, who admitted she hadn’t completely finished dying her hair red. I thought her outfit was cool, so very worthy of a snap.

Photograph: Taylor Robertson

Tulle was definitely a favourite at Riverside, with numerous festival-goers sporting the fabric, however my favourite look was this one, complete with boots and a crop top. The perfect get-up for a festival, and definitely worth the admiration in the less-than-perfect weather.

Photograph: Taylor Robertson

This is the outfit (Left) that will probably never see the day of light again, because as the wearer said: “It’s a one-hit wonder.” How sad!? I think it would look great on a night out!

Photograph: Taylor Robertson

We really enjoyed taking photos of these girls in their matching outfits. The boilersuit is definitely the perfect outfit for the weather and the festival. I love the neon details and how perfectly it matches her friend’s all-neon outfit. Neon was obviously an absolute catch when people were buying their outfits for the festival, and this matching set caught my eye too.

Photograph: Taylor Robertson

When I asked how many times individuals planned to wear the outfits after the festival, the answer was clear. They didn’t plan on re-wearing them at all, with one even saying: “It’s a one-hit wonder outfit.” As we are living in the age of sustainable fashion, it is worth a mention that while these outfits are very inspiring, they aren’t great for the environment. It is possible, however, to find some second-hand clothes for festivals and other occasions, so here are some environmentally-friendly tips for your next festival:

Go to a charity or vintage shop for an adventure

The best advice I can give is: do not decide what you are going to wear until you have gone to a charity or vintage shop. Let the clothes find you and the places inspire you. You might have ideas about colours or styles, but wait until you see what treasures you can find that will definitely be unique!

Check second-hand clothing websites

If charity and vintage shops don’t work out, check Depop, Vinted, Ebay or Asos Marketplace for more outfit ideas. These are the places where you can search for exactly what you are looking for. This is also a cheaper way of shopping and you can always offer lower prices to sellers.

Borrow clothes from friends and family

Friends are for many things, including wardrobe backups. Think of someone who wears the most colourful, sparkliest attire and give them a call before the festival. Ask to borrow clothes from them and make sure you return them in their original condition. This will save you money and your friends will most likely be happy to help out.

Invest in pieces that will last long

This is a costly option and maybe the most time-consuming. Forget about fast fashion shops and seasonal clothes, invest in pieces that are 100% sustainable and ethical made by brands who believe in limiting their environmental impact. They create clothes from the best quality fabrics by real craftsmen and from environmentally-friendly fabrics. This will cost you, but you’ll be able to keep them for a long time.

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