Our Team

Social Media Coordinator. Ana likes to travel, learn about new cultures and exotic food. She’s a curious person, which means that she likes sticking her nose into anything. She also has a passion for fashion and lifestyle.
Social Media Coordinator. Annemarie has experience as a contributor to online publications and as copywriter. Her passions include words, particularly in relation to the arts, literature and technology. She’s a keen amateur photographer and can often be spotted around Glasgow with her camera in hand.
Deputy Editor. Calam is interested in stories about animal welfare, housing, the job market, city planning, film, books, and sport. He’s done film stuff for the previous four years and his most recent role was as a programmer and social media/marketing coordinator for the Southside Film Festival.
Subeditor. Craig has a specific interest in football and MMA. Craig has experience working at BBC Sport and has written extensively on sectarianism in Glasgow.
Video Coordinator. Cynthia is a journalist from Kenya and has over five years of experience in journalism working as a radio news anchor and reporter. She also loves to write and covers stories which amplify youth issues and opportunities, women and reproductive health.
Video Coordinator. Dheepu is an aspiring sports journalist whose first love is cricket. He is a graduate of Telstra Australia's start-up accelerator programme and one of the founding members of a technology start-up in Singapore. He has received awards and notable mentions in poetry writing and short filmmaking.
Editor-in-Chief. Dora has been in Scotland for over five years to further her journalism career. Her articles on sports, fashion and culture have been published in Scotland-based print and online magazines. She hopes to specialise in culture and fashion journalist.
Website Designer. Emma has always had a passion for writing. She is a published novelist and enjoys writing articles which have the potential to improve the lives of others. She is interested in a variety of topics including mental health and lifestyle, and hopes to write more meaningful articles in the future. 
Social Media Coordinator. Holly is an award-winning journalist with a keen interest in both mental health and the responsible reporting of suicide. Her previous experience includes working with St Mirren Football Club and writing articles with a positive focus on her hometown of Paisley. She also shortlists each year for the Mind Media Awards.
Website Designer. Jacob is from Glasgow and studied Politics at the University of Glasgow. He has written for various student publications such as the Glasgow Guardian. He is primarily interested in the creative arts and entertainment industry. He has a personal website where he posts his own creative content.
Deputy Editor. Jennifer has spent ten years researching citizen journalism and working on media education projects. She is interested in looking at how the internet is changing, how we live our everyday lives, and finding out and telling the stories behind the accounts.
Editor-in-Chief. Justin is a Glasgow-based student journalist originally from Greenock. He has experience freelancing for a number of Scottish publications, both local and national. He is interested in sports, current affairs and politics, as well as Glasgow culture in general.
Social Media Coordinator. Ke manages The Glasgow Sloth's YouTube channel. He has strong network communication skills and is used to withstanding pressure. He also has organisational skills and is a team player.
Reporter. Qian is from China and has experience working at Hebei Radio Station. She has always been drawn to journalism. What excites her most is the possibility of discovering and revealing the truth through reporting. She believes journalism is a field capable of improving the world.
Website Designer and Video Coordinator. Sofia is a Portuguese journalist who has extensive video editing skills. She has experience writing about Culture and Art for Jornal de Notícias, the leading daily in Northern Portugal. Having a curious mind, her passion is dedicated in pursuing stories and revealing the current issues through reporting.
Subeditor. Taylor is an American abroad. With interests including popular culture, history, and food, she has experience writing entertainment criticism for international audiences and as an editor at a food/tech startup. She earned an MLitt in Film and Television Studies from University of Glasgow and a BA in Storytelling from NYU.
Subeditor. Taylor has an interest in workers’ rights, class issues and the beautiful game. She completed her undergraduate degree in French at the University of Glasgow. She was Deputy Culture Editor and part of the Online and Social Media team at The Glasgow Guardian. She also has experience in social media.
Website Designer. Xianzi is from China and has a degree in Human Resource Management. She is always willing to listen and is open to suggestions. She is very interested in public policy news.
Subeditor. Margaret is from South Lanarkshire and has experience of internet writing and editing. She is interested in arts and crafts, history, politics, religion, and general geekery. Margaret prefers to focus on positive news, and likes to hear about the ways in which people are succeeding and thriving.
Regulatory Adviser and Social Media Coordinator. Renée is passionate about people and has lifelong academic interest in why we do what we do. She is qualified in psychology, philosophy and psychometrics. She has a general interest in freelance writing and data journalism, and a specific interest in Scots Law media journalism, especially public interest. 
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