Glasgow Short Film Festival

16 March 2019

GSFF18: Opening Screening. Photograph: Glasgow Short Film Festival

Short films with long-lasting value

The Glasgow Short Film Festival (GSFF) is currently running for the 12th time, ever since it first established itself as one of the cities leading film festivals in 2008.

The festival displays a selection of short films called ‘the industry programme,’ all of which are free to the public. With more than 250 delegates welcomed each year, Scottish and international filmmakers can present and discuss their work in a “friendly and inclusive atmosphere.”

Ever since changing its showcasing month from February – the same month as the Glasgow Film Festival – to March, the GSFF has seen a significant increase of attendance.

However, there is no bad blood between the two festivals.

Sanne Jehoul, GSFF Producer and Programmer, said that: Glasgow Film Festival is sort of our “big sister”. We’re part of the same organisation, Glasgow Film, and many years ago GSFF used to be a part of GFF.

She added: “After a while, we grew large enough to go out on our own, which is when we expanded the festival to the scale it is now.”

Photograph: Glasgow Film Festival

The event has become Scotland’s leading competitive short film festival. The competitions are based on film submissions, made from June until November each year.

Jehoul said: “At the core of what we do are our competition programmes, in which we showcase the newest and best Scottish and international film work, but we also stage a lot of special programmes responding to contemporary movements, politics, communities, and artists, as well as multi-arts events and a free programme of panel and workshops.”

Jehoul argued that short films are still taken the wrong way by the general public.

She said: “I think short film in its own right has always mostly existed somewhat at the fringes of the film world, at least when it comes to how it’s perceived and platformed. Many people still see it only as a step up to a feature, which we disagree with.”

The Glasgow Short Film Festival runs from the 14-17 March and hosts a range of screenings, networking events, panel discussions, workshops as well as parties and performances.

GSFF is based at Glasgow Film Theatre, the Centre for Contemporary Arts and Civic House.

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