Travel-friendly sustainable fashion line launched

6 May 2019

Photograph: Penny Herne

Lost Clothing looks to gear up travellers

Penny Herne, a Glasgow based designer, showcased her newly launched brand, Lost Clothing at Park Lane Market in the southside of Glasgow on 28 April.

The brand’s aim is to create clothes for the fashionable backpackers of the world.

Herne, a twentysomething from Scotland, spent much of the last decade travelling. In 2013 she gave up her job and decided to do a tour of Europe. She visited Austria, Budapest, Krakow, Warsaw and Brussels and then returned to Scotland to begin work on Lost Clothing, a fashion brand for backpackers.

Photograph: Penny Herne

Then in 2018, she flew to Southeast Asia and visited Bangkok, which was named the most visited destination in 2018. It was here where her ideas for her clothing brand crystallised.

Herne said: “Instagram influenced my travels by the way of finding new places. I would always use the hashtags of the place to see what people are tagging themselves in and I came across quite a few hidden gems.”

She noticed that many backpackers were looking for clothing and that the travel-fashion market had very dated clothes available. She said: “The backpack or travel market has always been dated with one bit of pattern material as an eight way dress, but it is not really what the young millennial backpackers are looking for.”

During the last few years Instagram has influenced how people choose their travel destinations with its visual platform, which encouraged Herne to share her own experiences as well as allowing her to spot the latest fashion trends.

Lost Clothing is not just fashionable, Herne also strives to maintain ethical and sustainable development of the business. She’s at the beginning of her journey as an entrepreneur but she’s excited to learn more and improve.

Photograph: Penny Herne

Herne said: “Finding help to start a business in Glasgow is tricky. I am dyslexic so writing a business plan was hard, but I managed, unfortunately I underestimated my starting up cost and was conned at the start as well so lost some money. I don’t have a fashion background so everything has been a massive learning curve.”

Lost Clothing launched on the 11 April and sold out of jumpers on the first day of trading. This is largely because the brand is built on the practice of slow fashion so there is always only two of each item at one time, but it is worth the wait for those who missed the first round.

Gemma Johnson, a close friend of Herne’s and a loyal customer of Lost Clothing is giving her full support to the new venture. She said: “I love that Lost Clothing is run by a boss babe whose passion for travel inspired her to design a capsule collection of sustainable and fashionable clothes that are designed not only to look great but last too.”

A quarter of the profit from Lost Clothing sales is donated to a mental health charity. It’s something that means a lot to Herne, who suffered with her own mental health problems, which ultimately led to her embarking on her travels.

Lost Clothing is available to buy online from Herne’s official website where she shares her travels as well. If you would like to see the products in person, keep an eye on Instagram where upcoming pop-up stores are announced.

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