Trix the T-rex arrives in Glasgow

12 May 2019

Photograph: Xianzi Chen

Trix, one of the three most well-preserved tyrannosaurus skeletons in the world, has arrived in Glasgow.

From 18 April until 31 July 2019, the exhibition will be open to the public at Kelvin Hall in Glasgow’s West End.

The “T.rex in Town” exhibition in Glasgow was organised by the Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery. Glasgow is the only UK city on Trix’s tour of Europe.

Emily Braadon, an exhibition staff member, said: “Trix will be going back to the Netherlands, because the researchers from the Netherlands found her, so she will be return home to the Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, Netherlands.”

Trix – believed to be female – has attracted more than one million visitors during her European tour, with Glasgow being her final stop.

Once the 66-million-year-old skeleton’s visit to Glasgow is complete, it is thought that she will not visit again.

Ming Lin, a visitor, said: “I heard that it is one of the three most complete fossils of T. Rex. The dinosaur fossils that I have visited before are mostly simulation models, so I wanted to visit a real dinosaur skeleton.”

Photograph: Xianzi Chen

In addition to the opportunity to see Trix’s skeleton, visitors can also find out more information about Trix’s 30-year-long life, through the following interactive exhibits:

Find out if you can outrun or outcycle a T.rex!

Discover if you weigh as much as a T.rex ate!

Find a fossil – on a virtual “dino dig”!

Generally, the Tyrannosaurus rex is one of the most well-known representatives of the Greatropod dinosaurs.

Before they became extinct, these dinosaurs lived in the present western North America, when it was an island continent called Laramidia.

A tyrannosaurus is a bipedal carnivore with long and heavy head, and its tail is mainly used to maintain balance. Compared with its large and powerful hind limbs, the tyrannosaurus has short forelimbs, but its body is extremely strong.

Tickets to the exhibition cost £14 for adults and £8 for children. A family ticket can also be purchased for £39.50. For more information, please click here.

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