Uproar after Aldi launches its ‘sausedges’

18 May 2019

Would you try the “sausedge”? Photograph: ALDI

Scots fury over imitation of breakfast staple

Aldi have begun selling square pork sausages, which has drew the ire of Scots across the world.

They mimic traditional Lorne sausages, and are launched as part of the budget supermarket’s “Fresh Weekly” range.

The ‘Sausedges’ were launched on Tuesday and received a strong reaction on Twitter after a post from Aldi highlighting the launch of their ‘new’ product, in an article from The Daily Star.

Some people accused the budget supermarket of not taking into account the traditional Scottish Lorne sausages.

Customers are in shock that the budget supermarket chain is presenting this clear-as-day imitation of the Scottish classic as their own invention.

Even Aldi’s main competitor Lidl got in on the act.

Lorne or square sausage have been sold in Scotland for years and can be found in most supermarkets and butchers. Aldi’s ‘sausedge’ is to be available in selected branches of the store in England only. Scottish stores will continue to stock Lorne or square sausage as they have always done.

Got your Lorne? Photograph: Ke Deng

The family-owned German discount supermarket chain has introduced various ‘new’ products over the years, it’s model is one of presenting classics in different packaging. Take for instance, its Titan chocolate bars, Mars bars in everything but name.

Not everyone was as annoyed as those making their opinions felt on Twitter. Memphis Hynes, a customer in Aldi said: “Been around for years, so what if there selling, have people got nothing better to worry about.”

The sausages are as flat as burgers and are designed for sandwiches.

Aldi is selling a 340g four-pack of sausage squares at £1.79.

Awful misstep or clever marketing ploy? Photograph: Ke Deng

We spoke with Aldi’s marketing manager, Eilidy White, who reported that “It is available for a limited time while stocks last and will prove popular.”

Whilst that might be the case in England, Scotland will certainly not see more Scots running to the supermarket to pick up a limited edition sausage. For one, the product has not been extended to Scotland and secondly, if it had, based on the Twitter response, it would not have gone down well at all.

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